We provide you comprehensive service

for hot-glue systems of any kind

Hot-glue system service

The service comprises the following aspects:

- Complete dismantlement (depending on unit)

- Cleaning of all components

- Inspection of all mechanical components e.g. for wear

- Inspection of entire electrical system for proper functioning

- Replacement of defective components (e.g. bushings, seals, heating elements…)

- Coatings or paint finishes

- Complete assembly

- Functional testing with inspection report and electrical check-up

Cleaning processes

Our specially devised cleaning process has proven its worth thousands of times over. We clean and repair all types of gluing components regardless of whether these are roller applicators from Homag*, IMA*, Brandt*, etc. or whether you apply glue to your workpieces using spray equipment developed by UES*, Nordson*, Robatech*, HHS*, etc. We offer the best solution plus the competence to go with it.


For guaranteeing trouble-free processes and production processes, regular maintenance, repair and cleaning is important. It forms the basis for high availability of your production plants by minimizing downtimes and thus saving costs.

For minimizing or avoiding downtimes, we offer you the so-called preventing maintenance. A regular service with best quality which pays off. We check your system/aggregate from the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic point of view and thus are able to identify in good time which components require replacement. So we guarantee undisturbed production and optimal processing conditions.

This offers the advantage of being able to consider maintenance and repair work in production planning in good time.

Moreover, we also offer you immediate repair in case of machine failure or planned repairs at holiday periods, at the weekend or change of aggregates.

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