Fe-Ma-Tech Advanced 20kg PUR Bag Melter.

  • The Advanced PUR 20kg is equipped with 2 tube connections as a standard feature. On account of its high melt and flow capacity this system is ideal for filling double-sided edge-processing machines.

  • Tank size for all conventional PUR bag units in the dimensions 18- 20 kg.

  • Modular system. All components separately exchangeable. Just remove metal box and you will get to all relevant components within shortest time.

  • High melting capacity (depending on adhesive) and a tank of 3kg.

  • Remote diagnosis. Control via PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • As standard with flashlight. An acoustic and optical signal for bag change avoids downtimes. In case of errors the flashlight additionally indicates this status for your being aware of your machine even from a far distance.

  • Electronic filling level control,temperature target-performance comparison, temperature reduction, week timer

  • Most different switch-on delays

  • Sensor control PT 100

  • Abnormal temperature protection, sensor break diagnosis, overload protection

  • High-resolution touch display. Easiest operation thanks to very clear, multi-language menu.


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