Fe-Ma-Tech 2kg 2 kg Light Bag Melter

The Fe-Ma-Tech Advanced PUR 2 kg Light Bag Melter is the smaller version of the Advanced 2 kg Bag Melter. On account of its lower melt and flow capacity and lesser number of features, this unit is ideal for the handyman as well as for the smaller and slower type of edge-banding machine. Instead of the large 5.7" display this variant is equipped with a smaller 3.5" display. However, equipment of the control unit with timer, error indication, switch-on delay is equal. As standard, the machine is provided with a hose connection. Size and structural shape are ideal for integrating the bag melter in any edge banding machine.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Ideally suited for machines with low consumption.

  • Ideal size and structural shape

  • Clear  3.5" touch display

  • Modular structure --> Fast maintenance

  • Most different error analyses

  • Optical signals for bag change

  • Glue tank

  • Best price-performance ration for 2kg PUR bag melter

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