Fe-Ma-Tech Hot-glue hoses

The flexible connection for your application systems


  • The flexible hot-glue hoses with diameters of 6 - 8 - 13 - 16 mm etc. in all required lengths are system-compatible with market standard and exchangeable.
  • Our hot-glue hoses are a brand product produced in Germany.
  • The hoses are produced according to your requirements.
  • On request and by stating the contact assignment we will deliver according to your requirements.
  • We have many hoses for you in stock, if not, we will be able to deliver the requested hose within just a few days.
  • You may also order hot-glue hoses of other manufacturers from us, but comparing price and quality will facilitate your decision.

Hot-glue hoses with exchangeable glue inner cover

  • This hose-in-hose system enables to easily replace the obstructed glue inner comver of the basic hose by a new Teflon hose (inner cover).
  • Particularly suitable for reactive hot-melt adhesives.
  • This enables a fast and above all cost-effective restart of the hose in case of an obstuction of the glue channel.
  • Connectors and connecting cables are particularly designed for application heads and systems to leading manufacturers.


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