Fe-Ma-Tech Applicator guns

for many fields of application

A whole variety of different materials can be glued, sealed and grouted with FE-MA-TECH® applicator guns. Reliable gluing of wood, leather, ceramics, metal, glass, fabrics, stone, paper, cardboard, plastics, etc. in any combination in a matter of seconds. Ideal for smaller repair jobs as well as for sealing cracks, open knots, joints and lots of other applications.


Thanks to the small and handy shape of the guns, you can get into the smallest corner using the available additional nozzles.


Plus-points at a glance:

- Extremely slender shape

- No mixing of the glue necessary

- No drying up possible 

- No cleaning of equipment required

- Available for granulate, glue sticks, PUR

- Pneumatic or mechanical

- Suitable for spray, point and bead methods


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