PUR CC Melter Two-Colour System

  • The device is suitable for any single-sided edge-banding machine 

  • Tank size for all conventional PUR bag units in the dimensions 2- / 2.5- / 3 kg.

  • Melting capacity up to 2 kg/h (depending on adhesive)

  • Clear  3.5" touch display

  • Optical signals for bag change

  • Glue tank

The adhesives are melted in two separate tanks and pumped into the applicator tank via a hot-glue hose!

The PUR CC Melter provides the following advantages:

  1. Easy working with two colours

  2. Adhesives are not mixed

  3.  Low investment

  4.  Compact construction

  5.  Fast changing between colours

  6.  Totally closed system

  7. No cleaning effort


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