We provide for reliability –

Application heads according to latest standard

compatible to many conventional models


Product characteristics of application heads

FE-MA-TECH® application heads are designed and manufactured according to latest German market standard.


We offer you standard application heads, spray application heads, micro application heads and wide-slot application heads compatible to all conventional models.

Get yourself a general overview of our product range in the following categories.

How does it work ?

  • The PUR adhesive is conveyed from the bag remover with a gear pump via a FE-MA-TECH® hot melt hose into the grommets (IMA, Homag, etc.) and sealed by a valve on the applicator lid.

Construction types of FE-MA-TECH application heads

It is distinguished between four construction types of heads

Standard Application heads

Our standard application heads are exclusively produced from high-quality materials and under high quality criteria



Spray application heads

Fe-Ma-Tech spray application heads are used in applications requiring an image of uniform glue application covering the whole area..



Micro application heads

Fe-Ma-Tech micro application heads are used where for reasons of space only smallest applications are possible.



Wide application heads

Fe-Ma-Tech wide-slot application heads are used in applications requiring a large and wide image of glue application covering the whole area.



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