Applications and advantages


Features in favour of the FE-MA-TECH Advanced Bag Melter:


  • full service(consultancy, assembly, instruction, cleaning and repair of your melting appliance and your gluing unit)

  • constant contact with glue manufacturers (melting experiments with all conventional PUR glues)

  • like for all components processed by us in our devices, we attach great importance to German brand products

  • a totally closed system. No gas or dry air required.

  • low-maintenance

  • large tank, no downtimes when changing bags

  • cost-efficient

Since glue supply is completely airtight, maintenance and cleaning times are drastically reduced. Like in other systems, roller applicators are not required to be removed from the machine every day for putting them in nitrogen or cleaning them using granulate. Even after a long non-working weekend up to four days, product can be continued without any problemss without having to remove rollers from the machine. The FE-MA-TECH melting device requires cleaning only once per year.

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