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Nolte kitchens glued with FE-MA-TECH Advanced PUR bag melters

In the course of new IMA edge gluing machine lines, Nolte Küchen has opted for FE-MA-TECH. Work is carried out with two FE-MA-TECH Advanced 20kg PUR bag melters, one for white PUR adhesive and one for transparent PUR adhesive.



FARRELL Office, one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in Ireland has decided upon FE-MA-TECH CC two-colour bag-melt systems.

Now, changing the colour of the adhesive just in time is possible!













Vaccum box

Storing the glue application unit in the vacuum box is the ideal solution for bridging long downtimes. Just put your application unit filled with PUR adhesive into the box and you can be sure the adhesive will not be cured even after several days.

Tiresome cleaning work before the weekend are now a thing of the past, just put the gluing unit into the box and enjoy your evening at home!

Überzeugen Sie sich von der Vakuumbox auf der Ligna Messe in Hannover Halle 16 Stand E12


Also this year our partner Shreepal Trade Impex will exhibit the FE-MA-TECH Advanced PUR Bag Melter on the occasion of Delhiwood. A particular highlight will be the live presentation of a FE-MA-TECH Advanced 2kg light PUR.

Bag melting system at a Homag edge-banding machine, instead of a glue roller the adhesive is applied using a PUR surface application head.

In-house exhibition

Also this year we have been able to present our PUR bag melting systems on the occasion of numerous in-house exihibitions. We would like to thank all our dealers for the successful cooperation!  

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