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Bag melting devices for almost any type of machine!

PURe performance for your production


Product characteristics of bag melting systems

No matter what type of edge-band gluing machine you work with, FE-MA-TECH® are armed with the right tools and expertise needed to convert any make to PUR glue.


  • IMA, Homag, Brandt, Hebrock, OTT, Felder we convert your machine into PUR glue and this completely hermetically


  • The PUR glue is conveyed into the appliction units (IMA, Homag, etc.) via a FE-MA TECH® hot-glue hose using a bag melting device with a gear pump® and sealed at the applicator cover by a valve. 

Construction types of bag melting systems

Difference is made between four construction types of devices

20 kg Bag Melter

The PUR 20kg eSmart is equipped with 2 tube connections as a standard feature.


2 kg Bag Melter

The PUR 2kg eSmart Bag Melter is equipped with 1 tube connection as a standard feature


2 kg Light Bag Melter

The FE-MA-TECH PUR 2 kg Light eSmart Bag Melter is the smaller version of the Advanced 2 kg Bag Melter.



PUR CC Melter

For Two colour systems. The device is suitable for any single-sided edge-banding machine 



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