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Gluing systems
Mechanical engineering
For economical

  • Hot-melt coating systems (rollers or pump nozzles)
  • FE-MA-TECH®  hot-melt adhesive hoses
  • Cleaning and preheating tables
  • PUR coating devices (without gas and dry air)
  • Glue (EVA and PUR)
  • Special purpose machinery manufacture
  • Teflon coating
  • New and used plants and devices

    Thank you for visiting our homepage. As a modern company we would like to present you all information in relation to our range of services also online.

    On this page we will inform you about us and our services. Since 1992, we have been very successfully active throughout Europe in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine service and gluing systems for leading companies in furniture production, wood processing as well as food production and packaging industry.

    For years, we have been dealing with the problem of hot-melt adhesive treatment and processing. Thanks to the continuous contact to glue and device manufacturers we have succeeded in developing principles of operation, special techniques and cleaning procedures and have been successfully applying them for more than 19 years already. For convincing our customers of our competence, our testing and control methods are under continuous improvement.

    You probably also apply hot-melt adhesive devices and coating devices in your production. For providing you a better overview of our work, we will present you our services on this website. Under the point Services you can get to know more about our way of working. You would like to acquire new or used gluing units or require information about devices and hot-melt systems? Then you should get in contact with us.